Apr 17, 2016

From A Broken land

From A Broken Land
by William Herr

Book: Broken Throne #1
Publisher: William Herr
Pub Date: April 15, 2016
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Print
Source: Author
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Something in the mist is alive—or is it the mist, itself?
Kiranae is a girl in flight, carried through the mists to escape a marriage she cannot abide. Gidon is a simple messenger, sent on a mission he is never expected to survive. Through coincidence, fate, or something stronger, they are brought together—bound to each other.
But, deep within the shadows and mist, a wicked and threatening force watches them. Gidon must protect the girl, his men, and himself from a force and presence he cannot explain. Together, they are thrust into war, intrigue, and impossible love, never realizing that their lives are part of a larger, and darker, plan.

My Review: Now this was a book packed with everything!

Is the mist alive? Can it even be? Well Kiranae was carried through it, in her escape to avoid a marriage. Then you have Gidon, sent on a mission that he won't be back from. 

Yet these two go on a path they never expected. 

Gidon is set on protecting Kiranae, himself and his men. The mist is more dangerous than it seems. Something is larking there and it wants them. So into war they go and hope they make it out. Finding an unexpected love. And finding out their true  part in this plan that is darker than they imagined. 

The details were strong. The story is fast paced and keeps your attention throughout. This really was a nice change in my usual reading. It was worth it, the author is worth checking out! 

My Rating: