Apr 16, 2016

Once Upon A One Night Stand

Once Upon A One Night Stand
by D.N. Hoxa

Book: Lover #1
PublisherD.N. Hoxa
Pub Date: March 2016
Genre: New Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Book Links: Goodreads   

Five friends. Five stories. 

Welcome to the LOVER show. Let's begin with L:

Have you ever tried not liking a guy when your best friends decide you should like him? How about if that guy had the sexiest ass on the planet, and was your birthday-cake one-night-stand with icing on top? 

London Reeves agrees that three years is a long time to live without sex, but one steamy hot night could never last longer than the morning after. Yet, her four lunatic best friends disagree on that last one. The voices in her head disagree, too, and even her mother seems to think she's crazy. And sexyass will not take a goddamn no for an answer. Now what exactly is a girl to do against that?

My Review: I tried to get into this book. I usually love these, but I had a tough time finishing it.

Though it wasn't bad, it just didn't keep my attention. I did love the parts that kept my attention, and is still worth the read for those who like this style of writing!

My Rating:
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