Apr 2, 2016

The Asset

The Asset
by Anna DelMar

Book: Wounded Warrior #1
Publisher: Carina Press
Pub Date: February 2016
Genre: New Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
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Anna del Mar’s explosive, sexy debut novel in the Wounded Warrior series, perfect for fans of Lisa Marie Rice and Lora Leigh—the story of a woman desperate to escape her dangerous past and the navy SEAL who would lay down his life to save her. 

Ash Hunter knows what it is to run. A SEAL gravely injured in Afghanistan, he’s gone AWOL from the military hospital. Physically and mentally scarred, he returns home to his grandmother’s isolated cottage—and finds a beautiful, haunted stranger inside.

Like recognizes like.

Lia Stewart’s in hiding from the cartel she barely escaped alive, holed up in this small Rocky Mountain town. Surviving, but only just. Helping the wounded warrior on her doorstep is the right thing to do…it’s loving him that might get them both killed.

Soon, Ash realizes he’s not the only one tormented by the past. Pushing the limits of his broken body, testing the boundaries of her shattered soul, he’ll protect Lia until his last breath.

My Review:  I usually don't read much containing seal, military, or similar to that. But I do love books by Lora Leigh and if this is mentioned with her books, then I just have to try it. And I was very surprised to see how much I liked it!

Anywho....Ash is on the run. He's been through a lot and has been scared by it. But Ash has had enough and needs to be away from it all. So he goes somewhere safe. It just happens to be his grandmas cottage, which also happens to be isolated. He's hoping for some peace in his life. He didn't expect Lia to be at the cottage.

Lia is also trying to get away. She barely got away from the cartel and is barely just surviving. Yet she can still find the right thing to do when Ash shows up. She helps him, and little did she know it may lead to something dangerous. You usually don't think being in love could lead to death, but that may be the case for them. 

I think this was one of the best story about being broken. Being broken by the past, having scars, and still managing a way to find someone to love. Someone who took all your broken soul and will do anything to make you whole again. Ugh I must read more by the author now!

My Rating:
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