Apr 9, 2016

The Girl in the Time Machine

The Girl in the Time Machine
by Debra Chapoton

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Debra Chapoton
Pub Date: April 2016
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eARC
Source: Author
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A desperate girl
A faulty time machine
A paradox waiting to happen ...

Laken Mitchel wants revenge, but she also wants to help certain "unfortunates.". Using the time machine in her family's hidden laboratory, she sends them one by one into the last century.
Now the disappearances are being linked to unmarked graves. Parents are lying about their missing kids’ whereabouts. The police want to search the lab. And Laken is running out of time to retrieve the last girl she sent to 1994.

My Review: I'm so excited to read another book by Debra, her books are so addicting, the only cure is to read your way through the book. 

Anywho..... Laken is a good person. She wants to help some unfortunates, and is looking to seek revenge. So she takes each person, and sends them into the last century. Because she just happens to have a time machine in her laboratory.  So sending these people away should cause much trouble. She'll get what she wants and things should be just fine. 

Well....sending those people into another century, has messed things up in this century. Those people have gone missing. Graves are empty. Families have no idea where their missing person is. Things are looking suspicious, and the cops want to check out her lab. So maybe, this wasn't the best idea to take care of those people. Or maybe next time, just figure out the finer details a little more. 

To make things right, Laken needs to get everyone back. She's gotten everyone back, except for one. A girl stuck in 1994. 

So all of this leads Laken and her friend Sky into a lot of travels. One of the best things I loved about this book, was the reason Laken took all these girls. She really wanted to help them. Either their home life was bad, or just something was going on that made Laken want to help them. She really was trying and I loved that idea. It's something different and do so well, that there just has to be more. I would love to have another book or some kind of spin off with this. It was way too good to be just one book!

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