May 1, 2016

Brooklyn Flame

Brooklyn Flame
by Mira Gibson

Book: Stand Alone
PublisherMira Gibson
Pub Date: February 2016
Genre: Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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A burgeoning sculptor in the Williamsburg art scene, Greer Langley loves her craft and has little time for much else. Spending her days locked away in her studio and her nights huddled on her rooftop gazing out at the city she's learned to call home, she's focused on one thing and one thing only: The Phoenix Juried Art Competition, an exhibit that will make or break her career. 

Hunter Black has a thing for artsy girls and Greer is no exception. He's learned early to stay free of attachments, especially when they're the competition. But with sexy, determined Greer, he's been hooked ever since she caught his eye through a crowded gallery. He's never had an in with her. This time he will. 

But when Hunter shows up to model for Greer and sparks fly, she suddenly realizes they're much more than artist and muse. He's ready to take the plunge with her… but will it destroy the one woman who's tamed his heart for good?

My Review: I super loved this book.

Greer is this super artsy girl with the talent to match. She spends all her time in her studio, putting all her focus into the art competition. Then you have Hunter, a good looking guy who has a thing for artsy girls.

These two have amazing sparks. As soon as he shows up to model for Greer, then you can just tell, and the story really gets even better there. Hunter is ready. He's ready to be with Greer, and not just a fling. He wants the real deal with her.

Greer has an attraction to Hunter. But she is focused on her career, this competition can be a make it or break it deal. She doesn't want any distractions, but she can't deny Hunter. She just needs to trust him and stop being so cold.

Greer and the girls in this book can seem bitchy, but they are good characters. Once Greer and Hunter finally get to where I hoped they'd be, then it was all perfect. I love Mira's writing, its easily one of my favorite Romance novels this year and I can't wait to read more by her!

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