May 14, 2016

Interview with Daccari Mitchell

When did you realize that you wanted to become a writer?
As a young child, I found myself struggling to make sense of the world around me. It became second nature for me to explore using my imagination and my creativity. From there I developed a passion for reading and writing became my greatest ambition.

Is being an Author all you dreamed of, or did it just happen?
Becoming a published Author was something I had always dreamed of, ever since I was a child. However, there were many creative fields I was interested in. Being an Author wasn't so much a want, but a great need. I need to write like others need air. It is an extremely important part of my identity.

What was the very first thing you ever wrote?
I first wrote a short story at aged eight, based around the secret life of mer-people. Greek Gods have always fascinated me, as has water, leading me to become very passionate about creating breathtaking mythical characters.

What was the inspiration for your book?
My Fantasy novel 'Sweet Surrender' was actually inspired by dreams I began having, where I could wield strange elemental powers. From there my main character appeared to me, as though they were a friend I'd known my entire life. She led me through the writing process and the book seemed to gradually form of its own accord.

Who is your literary hero?
Terry Goodkind is most certainly my hero. I adore his style of writing and the way he brings across so much passion for his craft. His characters are incredibly believable and his ability to grab your attention is unwavering.

How much of your characters are based on your traits or someone you know personally?
I'd say about 50% of my character's traits are taken from those closest to me. Anything positive or quirky about my friends or family soon becomes a main attribute to my characters, giving them that unique spark of life.

Describe your main character in six words.
Six words, hmm. Intelligent, Feisty, Innocent, Head-strong, Courageous, Loving.

Describe the world you’ve created in six words.
I would describe the land of Peradon as Complex, Ancient, Secretive, Dark, Extraordinary, and above all Mysterious.

What scene was your favorite to write?
I really enjoyed writing one of the end scenes, where we see the main character of Violetta really blossom into a confident, daring heroine. She leaves behind the shackles of her past and finally accepts the responsibility that has fallen to her. I loved watching her character gradually develop and this scene is where we see the greatest change in her.

What scene was the hardest for you to write?
The Grand Ball scene was probably the hardest to write for me. I have always struggled to understand social practices and this scene possessed a particularly strong social element. I like to challenge myself, to push my ability in order to learn and create new things. Despite being a difficult scene, it was incredibly enjoyable to write and I wouldn't change a thing about it.

What are you working on now?
I am currently working on the sequel to 'Sweet Surrender,' entitled 'Rogue Request.' The novel is set five years in the future and follows the tragic disappearance of Violetta's daughter, Eleanor.

Goals? Accomplishments? Improvements?
My main goal is to be able to inspire at least one person with my work. I don't believe there is anything as  rewarding as playing a vital part in someone's life, even if they are a complete stranger.

Becoming professionally published is certainly one of my best accomplishments so far. For me, it was always a big part of my dream as an aspiring Author.

I am always seeking to improve upon my work, studying different styles of writing and learning what readers today most enjoy. There is always room for improvement.  There is always more to learn.

Are there any authors or books you recommend?
Authors I recommend would include James Patterson, Garth Nix, Terry Goodkind, and David Gemmell.

Books that I have thoroughly enjoyed include The Hannibal Series (Thomas Harris), Paranormalcy (Kiersten White), Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling), and The Shining (Stephen King.)

What's your favorite thing to do when you're not writing?
I love to read, mainly Fantasy or crime-thrillers. One of my favourite series is The Hannibal collection. Other than that, exercising and healthy living are also a great passion of mine, along with Art & Design and Vintage Video-Games.