Jun 23, 2016

Brawlers Baby

Brawlers Baby
by Holly Hart

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Red Cape Romance
Pub Date: May 2016
Genre: New Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
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I broke his heart. Then he came to rescue me.


I'm going to make her scream my name, and tease her until she begs me to fill her up, inch by filthy inch. Mikhail Antonov stole his daughter from me once, but fate's given me a second chance and this time he doesn't get a say. 

Her dad's a fucking bully. The rest of this crooked town might be terrified of him, but not me. Not now I've found Maya. Mikhail doesn't know it yet, but if he lays a hand on my woman, he's dead. I'm going to make her mine again, and he's not going to stop me – even if he does run the Russian mob.

If he stands in my way, I'll burn his town to the ground.


Conor Regan saved me twice before he even said hello. He made me happy for the first time I could remember. But then my mobster dad took it all away. When I saw Conor fighting in that cage four years later, it was everything I’d always wanted…and everything I’d ever feared.

Now we're balanced on a knife edge, with danger lurking on either side. Conor's like a drug to me, but every time I let him inside me, I'm risking everything I hold dear. I want him more than life itself, but I've got a secret that might ruin everything…

He's a dad.

My Review: Oh my! This book was crazy good! Steamy romance, secrets, mobs, and everything you could want in this romance. Two people fighting to be with each other. They were so strong with their feelings, knowing that no matter what, nothing will stand in their way. Not even the mob, that right, they will deal with the mob if they even dare try to keep Maya away from Conor again. 

From the start I was hooked. So many twists and secrets reveled at the perfect moments. Making the story all the more amazing. The steam was on point and you will swoon and feel for these characters. Their emotion is raw and strong. I really enjoyed every single word and can't wait to read more by Holly!

My Rating:
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