Jun 13, 2016

Jesse and the Thinkers

Jesse and the Thinkers
by Kenan John

Book: Jesse Wrinkler #1
Publisher: Kenan John
Pub Date: February 2016
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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"The whole playground stopped, all the birds in the trees flew away, the fresh leaves withered and fell to the ground, and everybody's ice cream suddenly melted." 

In a normal world, 12 year old Jesse Winkler is one of the few who dare to stand out. 
'A weirdo,' the children at the adventure playground call him, and not just because of his red bow tie. Strange things always seem to happen when Jesse is around. 

No one can quite figure out what 'brave Jake,' who just happens to be the most popular kid in the playground, sees in 'weirdo'Jesse. But Jake always knew. He could just tell. One person's weirdo, is another person's hero. 

Jesse and the Thinkers is an adventure story of friendship, magical mystery and suspense. 
Along the journey awaits allies, enemies, and an evil beyond description with an obsession for death and destruction. He knows they are coming, but while there is Jesse, there is hope. 

It's time to wake up and start dreaming. 

My Review: This book sounded like something I read a long time ago. I liked that book, so I just had to try this one.

However, I had mixed feelings on this book. I liked the idea, and the characters. But there was just something missing. Something to really grab my attention and pull me into the story. There were many points that I liked, however in the end, it just wasn't making me love the story. 

However, this book would be great for younger kinds and those who love this style of writing.  

My Rating:

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