Jun 17, 2016

Promise of the Scholar

Promise of the Scholar
by Corinne O'Flynn

BookThe Expatriates  #2
Publisher: Big Ink Books
Pub Date: June 15, 2016
Genre: New Adult
Format: eARC
Source: Author
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He defeated the man who destroyed his family.
And discovered who was really against him.
Now he wants his father and his clan back.
And a chance to get even.

With his father imprisoned and the people of the Sweetwater's clan still missing, it seems like everyone wants something from Jim Wales.

But just because he's the last living Scholar doesn't mean Jim has a plan or the answers.

When the Fairy Queen takes matters into her own hands, she puts her people and all the worlds in jeopardy. But where everyone else sees danger, Jim sees opportunity. Torn between his desire for revenge and his need to keep his word, Jim finds himself looking within to discover what he's really made of.

But having great power and owning it are two very different things.

My Review: I was excited to try this book, its something new with elements that I enjoy....However, that wasn't so much the case.

I was able to finish the book, but through out, it didn't grab me and keep me hooked. It was interesting, but was just missing that one point to be amazing. 

I enjoyed the Fairy Queen, the idea of Jim being the last scholar. The characters were done nicely and you will find to like or hate them pretty quickly. The world building was nice, the details popped out at the perfect moments. 

But sadly, no matter how much I wanted to enjoy it, it just wasn't grabbing my attention like I hoped. But that doesn't mean someone else won't love it! 

My Rating: