Jul 28, 2016

The Shadow of all Things

The Shadow of All Things
by Allen Houston

Book: Elyuum #1
Publisher: Allen Houston
Pub Date: June 2016
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Print
Source: Author
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When a man in a torn trench coat warns college-student Evelyn Cheng that something evil is coming down the tunnel where their subway train has stalled, she is ready to write him off as crazy until the lights flicker and the terrifying creatures appear.

Through him, Evelyn discovers she is a seer and that a battle between good and evil is raging in New York City among her kind and the mysterious, otherworldly Elyuum, who seek to tighten their grip on the city.

Spanning multiple universes with a sprawling cast of characters, Evelyn and others must stop the Elyuum before they conquer all existence.

My Review: Evelyn is just minding her own business when she's told that something evil is coming down the tunnel. Now she can tell him off and go on, believe him, or run off in the other direction screaming.  But then the lights flicker and evil creatures come out. So what's the logical thing here? 

Well Evelyn believes this guy and wants to know what's going on. So she gets her answer and she was not ready for all this. She went from normal to a seer, evil creatures appearing, a strange guy thats knows all this and well you can't blame her for the reactions she has. Which she actually reacts much better than I thought, but as you read along, you can see she's strong and is just going to be an awesome character. 

This is a new series and its packed. Multiple characters, universes and new terms. You'd think that the story  would be so packed that it doesn't make sense. But, Allen has serious skills here. Allen took so much and detailed it all perfectly, that the flow was smooth and basically ended up being a great and worthy read. 

My Rating:
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