Jul 8, 2016

Uncovering Camila

Uncovering Camila
by Vivian Winslow

Book: Wildflowers #3
Publisher: Vivian Winslow
Pub Date: June 20016
Genre: New Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Camila Cohen is a highly ambitious and driven third-year NYU law student who works as a part-time bartender to help pay her way through school. She prefers no-strings attached relationships, afraid that anything serious could get in the way of her goals. But when chef Eliseo Perez ditches her for a job in Miami, she realizes even a casual arrangement can leave you feeling burned. Just as Camila’s close to accepting a position at the high-powered law firm of Sullivan & Moore (more appropriately known by its initials, S & M), her uncle Arthur, the head of the Cohen Real Estate dynasty, makes a proposal that compels Camila to question the career path she’d always assumed would be right for her. As she attempts to balance her busy final year of law school with her bartending job, what should have been a random Tinder date for a hot hook-up leads to something unexpected. Meeting the incredibly brilliant and handsome Marshall James forces Camila to face her greatest fears and realize that creating a life for herself means making decisions that could potentially hurt the ones she loves. 

My Review: Camila has got her head on straight. Doing well in law school. Working to help pay for school and knowing she has major goals to accomplish. That’s why nothing serious can get in the way of her goals, and that includes any serious dating. Heck even something casual left her with emotions. So what was she supposed to do? Forget dating, socializing and pretty much anything until she was an official lawyer? Wait until she’s has a few years to be a lawyer, travel and completed other goals?  Camila doesn’t need to wait or worry so much. I wanted to see her let loose a bit and let herself shine and really have it all. What’s so fun about having all these things in life and not having someone there with you?
If that isn’t enough, she’ll start to question things. And frankly, Camila just wants a hot hook-up. 

Marshall is the lucky guy, but Camila got way more out of this hook-up than she planned. She talks to him, lets her guard down, gets to really be herself and well it was amazing to read that. Camila is falling for Marshall. And he’s even helping her in ways she didn’t expect. And now Camila can have it all, but she just has to make a few decisions first. And how her loved ones will take it….well you’ll have to find out.

So of course you can already guess I loved this book. I’ve loved every book by Vivian. So I’ll just sit back and wait for the next amazing story by her.

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