Aug 16, 2016

In Dreams

In Dreams
by Erica Orloff

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Speak
Pub Date: January 2014 
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Print
Source: Borrowed
Book Links: Godoreads  Amazon  Book Depository

In the land of nightmares, she finds the man of her dreams...
He haunts her in her dreams.
She is always searching, looking for the man who calls her from afar, a disembodied voice who knows everything about her.
But when she discovers the unimaginable secret her family has hidden for so long, her dreams—and her nightmares—invade her reality.
Her true love beckons, but the terrors await her. . . . Can she find him in time, or will their love—and her life—be destroyed?

Sixteen-year-old Iris has a recurring dream a long corridor of many doors, and behind each door a hidden world—some magical, some terrifying. But always she is searching for the man who calls to her—the man of her dreams—who knows everything about her, who stirs feelings in her she’s never felt before. When she discovers her father is actually the god of dreams, her nightmares and dreams follow her into reality, with both frightening and romantic results. Hunted by the god of nightmares, stalked by the horrifying creatures of the underworld, Iris must try to navigate both her worlds, as she tries to finally be with Sebastian, the man of her dreams. Can she triumph over the dangers that have haunted her forever, and be with Sebastian, or will terrors ultimately destroy them both?

My Review:  This was a refreshing read after my NA binge. At first it was slightly slow and I was ready to give up on this book. But about halfway it got interesting and then had  hooked. 

Iris has been having the same dream for a long time. She's always in this hallway surrounded by doors and a guy's voice. After a few chapters it seems repetitive, and then there is finally a face to the voice. Things start to pick up, her dreams are becoming real, and next thing you know, you're finally hooked.

When her dreams start to become real, Isis starts to freak out, but no matter what her best friend believes her about her dreams and about being a half-goddess. Yup turns, out there is a reason for her mom to always be asleep and  Isis having these dreams. Her dad ends up being the god of dreams. 

Once the god of nightmares figures that his brother had a kid with a human, he tries to get rid of her. He is not happy, builds an army and that's when Isis's dad comes back into the picture more. A battle will break out, Isis gets to see the man of her dreams in person, gains family and finally has everything she's wanted for a family.

My Rating:

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