Sep 13, 2016

Dare to Dance

Dare to Dance
by S.B. Alexander

Book: Maxwell #4
Publisher: Raven Publishing
Pub Date: September 2016
Genre: New Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
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This story will grab your heart and never let go! Based on true events.
Hoping to sign with one of the biggest boxing promoters in the country, Kross Maxwell has to maintain a near perfect record. He can’t afford to lose any more bouts. But his head isn’t in the ring. Instead, he can’t seem to shake his past that’s been beating on his mind. To get back in the game, he goes in search of the girl he walked away from--the one girl who's always owned his heart.
Twenty-year-old, Ruby Lewis, is angry and frustrated with the way her life turned out. She dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but instead of performing for the rich and famous, she’s swinging her fists at girls twice her size in filthy, underground fights. She’d give anything to sleep in a bed, rather than the cold dark streets of Boston. Begging for her next meal, she often thinks of the friends she once had, the nice home she lived in, and the only boy to ever steal her heart. But Kross Maxwell wouldn’t want her now--not with dirty fingernails, ragged clothes and oily hair. But when she runs into him, the concrete wall she’s erected around herself threatens to crumble, and she can’t let that happen--if she wants to survive and get back the only thing that's ever mattered to her.
Dare to Dance is the 4th book in the Maxwell Series and can be read as a stand-alone. The book is intended for audiences 18+

My Review: Each book is just pure perfection. I can't get enough of these books. This is based on some true events and has some elements that I love. I love a good book that throws boxing into the mix.

Anywho, this time its about Kross. He loves to box and wants to make it big. Well if he wants a contract he better get his head in the game and not lose. He's really good, but he can't focus. His mind is on someone, someone he needs to find. The one who holds his heart.

Ruby, the one who holds Kross's heart. She isn't what she used to be. She had big dreams, all these plans and everything is now gone. She doesn't have the nice clothes, home, friends, or anything. She built a wall around herself, and fights in underground fights. When she isn't fighting, shes fighting another battle. The one to get back on her feet and off the streets. 

But now things are going to take a turn you didn't expect. When Ruby and Kross run into each other, a spark hits and Ruby's wall is about to go down. That is not a good thing, but you'll want her to. You'll want her to let that wall down, grow on that connect with Kross and both have a chance at a future. Living better and wanting nothing more for things to end perfectly and the emotion the stop pulling at you. 

It was another amazing and emotional read. I'll now nicely wait for S.B. to write another book to devour.

If you like this book, go for it. These books revolve around these brothers and doesn't have to be in order, though do keep in mind there are scenes that are fit for adult readers.

My Rating:
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