Sep 21, 2016

The Silver Thread

The Silver Thread
by Emigh Cannaday

Book: Annika Brisby #2
Publisher: Emigh Cannaday
Pub Date: November 2012
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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"You know, my parents didn't give me much advice about relationships, but my mother told me that we should never go to bed upset with one another." Talvi reached am arm out to invite Annika to curl up against his chest.

"Aww, that's a sweet thing to say," she said as she cozied up in the crook of his arm. "What did your dad tell you?"

"He said to make sure the sofa was comfortable, just in case."

Talvi Marinossian has slain maenads and fought off vampire attacks, but nothing has prepared him for getting involved with one of these forbidden ‘Modern Girls’. When he finally tracks down Annika it’s obvious that she’s changed since her recent adventure in his homeland. It’s also clear that she’s not ready to embrace the next chapter in her life. He tries to persuade her to open up to him, but she finds it difficult since he won’t even explain how he earns a living, why he has a secret cell phone, or the reason he keeps another woman’s handkerchief in his pocket.

Instead of relying on Talvi to help her adjust, Annika delves into her music and her job, and it isn’t long before the new lovers find themselves completely out of sync with one another. Just when they start to find their rhythm, Talvi is called away on business and whisks Annika off to Paris for what is supposed to be a working vacation. But one bad decision leads to another, and the chaos that ensues may cost someone their life. 

My Review: Talvi has seen it all and fought it, so being with someone should be simple right? Well apparently he had no idea what to expect with a modern girl and it was nice to see how things unwrapped. He likes Annika, but she isn't quiet the same since her recent adventure. She has her walls up and Talvi has to take them down and get Annika to trust him.

Annika wants to trust him and let him in. But how can she when she doesn't even know what he does for a living? Why he has an extra phone. Why does he remain distant about certain subjects? Until he starts spilling his secrets, Annika is going to dive into her work.  

When a work trip comes up, it seems like the perfect chance to get away. They have a rhythm, and Paris seems like a lovely place to be right now. Do a little work and spend the rest of the day just exploring the city. 

Well....thats not how it goes. Bad choices happen and they need to fight past it. Learn to make it through this stuff and not give up so easily. Otherwise this may just end with someone losing their life. 

Its on the edge of your seat reading. Perfectly done and worth the read.

My Rating:
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