Oct 11, 2016


by Anna Banks

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Pub Date: June 2015
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Print
Source: Borrowed
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A popular guy and a shy girl with a secret become unlikely accomplices for midnight pranking, and are soon in over their heads—with the law and with each other—in this sparkling standalone from NYT-bestselling author Anna Banks.

It’s been years since Carly Vega’s parents were deported. She lives with her brother, studies hard, and works at a convenience store to contribute to getting her parents back from Mexico.

Arden Moss used to be the star quarterback at school. He dated popular blondes and had fun with his older sister, Amber. But now Amber’s dead, and Arden blames his father, the town sheriff who wouldn’t acknowledge Amber's mental illness. Arden refuses to fulfill whatever his conservative father expects.

All Carly wants is to stay under the radar and do what her family expects. All Arden wants is to NOT do what his family expects. When their paths cross, they each realize they’ve been living according to others. Carly and Arden’s journey toward their true hearts—and one another—is funny, romantic, and sometimes harsh.

My Review: This book was okay. I was hoping it would be better than it turned out. You have a girl who needs to work a lot to help her family. Barely sleeps and is pushing herself to do well in school. That way she'll get a scholarship and go to a good school. Get a degree in her dream field and be able to it all. But what she really needs is a break. A break to just be herself and enjoy her life, but thats not going to happen. Carol is too set in her plans.

But when she has a chance to get a break, things may seem better to her. But about half way through the story, I just lost interest and had to push to finish this book. Overall it was okay, but not the best. However, I do love love love her other series. 

My Rating:
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