Oct 12, 2016


by S.C. Stephens

Book: Thoughtless #3
Publisher: Gallery Books
Pub Date: March 2013
Genre: New Adult
Format: Print
Source: Borrowed

Can love survive when life gets Reckless?

When the band hits it big, Kiera and Kellan must ask themselves: Can their love for each other survive the constant pressures of superstardom? The friendships they've formed, the new family they've found, and the history they've forged will all play a part in helping them navigate the turbulent waters of the band's exploding popularity. A greedy executive hell-bent on success, a declining pop star looking for an edge, and a media circus that twists lies into truths are just some of the obstacles the lovers will have to overcome if they are going to remain together. Fame comes with a price-but will it cost Kiera and Kellan everything? 

My Review: The first and second books in the series were okay, but the final one? OMG the best book in the entire series. Couldn't finish this book fast enough and there is never enough Kiera and Kellan.

Kellan and the band are finally going to make it big. Kiera will be there right by Kellan’s side and together have the life they always wanted. Kiera will write her book, while Kellan does his thing. Though things start to turn and frankly I hated this guy from the record label.

He stars off with saying Kellan and the band should duet with a famous artist  who happens to know and like Kellan, but he a good guy and only lives for Kiera. Lots of drama happens, but Kiera and Kellan held so strong. They made it through all the scandals and rumors. Good thing the fans love the real story and loe Kiera and Kellan as a couple.

After an accident that left Kiera and Kellan hurt, things changed. Kiera was okay, it was Kellan that got the worst of it, but they made it. They decided to have their wedding there, finally make it official and she has the most beautiful ring ever. After all this, the label worked with the guy because they didn’t want to lose their best talent and their agent is in major hot water. They didn’t like the label getting it’s dirty laundry aired on the radio.

But my favorite thing of all, was the ending. Seeing them in a home together, both being successful and having a family. Everything was beyond perfect. This book is emotional, but oh so perfect.

My Rating:
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