Sep 11, 2017

Overwhelmed Writer Rescue

Overwhelmed Writer Rescue
by Colleen M. Story

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Mid Channel Press
Pub Date: August 2017
Genre: For anyone
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
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Find the time, energy, and confidence you need to make your creative dreams come true!

Do you feel like you're always behind? Do less important tasks frequently flood your schedule and sink your creative motivation? Are you frustrated and out of touch with your inner artist?

After 20 years experience in the writing industry, author Colleen M. Story extends a lifeline to pull you out of the sinking swamp of "busyness" and back into the flourishing creative life you deserve.

Today's demands on writers and other creative artists are overwhelming. Not only must you produce the work you love, but build and maintain a platform and market your finished products to the world--all while holding down a day job and/or caring for a family.

You teeter on the edge. What waits on the other side are burnout, exhaustion, and a complete loss of creative motivation.

Overwhelmed Writer Rescue provides practical, personalized solutions to help beginning and experienced writers and other creative artists escape the tyranny of the to-do list to nurture the genius within. You'll find ways to boost productivity, improve time management, and restore your sanity while gaining insight into your unique creative nature and what it needs to thrive.

Ultimately, you'll discover what may be holding you back from experiencing the true joy that a creative life can bring.

In this motivational and inspiring book, you'll learn:

–Why you feel so rushed and how you can regain control of your time. 
–Your unique "time personality" and how to use it to get more writing done. 
–Practical steps to overcome distractions and focus faster. 
–The 7 "productivity saboteurs" that plague creative artists and how to outsmart them. 
–Your personal motivation style and how to use it to increase productivity. 
–How to tap into your unconscious mind to find "writer solutions" when you need them. 
–Why affirmations don't work and how to instill true belief in yourself. 
–Why it's critical to your overall health and well being to nurture the creator within. 

There's no reason to feel overwhelmed one moment longer. No matter how crazy your life is, you can find more time for your creative work, and start feeling more like yourself again.

My Review:
I love this book. However, this is one of those books that you have to read since its different for everyone. 

Anywho, I love the approach this book took and the way it went into detail to explain ways to get out of that overwhelmed feeling and take back control of your creativity. I can't tell you how many times I have all these books on my TBR pile and just don't want to read. Or when I'm working on new chapters of a story, or editing books for work, or anything that need the creative juices to flow. It just wouldn't happen and let me tell you that feeling stinks. I have hit the burnout points more than once and it never gets easier. 

But now, after reading this lovely gem, you can find a way to prevent the burnouts and get yourself back. Since the author has been in this work a lot time you can tell what you're reading is the real deal and she helps ease you back on track with tips that really work. I tried a few of them right off the bat and after a while I could tell things were changing. Now its not huge drastic changes in which you have so much time to be creative you have no idea what to do with all this time. Nope, its simple yet effective and anyone who is overwhelmed should really read this book. 

My Rating:

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