Oct 31, 2017

One Foot in the Grave

One Foot in the Grave
by C.C. Hunter

Book: The Morticians Daughter #1
Publisher: C.C.Hunter
Pub Date: October 31, 2017
Genre: Young Adult
Format: ARC
Source: Author

Her dad’s an alcoholic. Her mom passed away when she was young. She sees dead people. Can seventeen-year-old Riley Smith’s life get any crazier? Yes it can.

When Riley’s attempt to help a spirit leads her to the discovery that the young woman’s death wasn’t an accident, she finds herself face-to-face with the killer. And just when things seem like they couldn’t get any more complicated, she’s visited by another ghost, a boy her age, whose smile makes her melt. Her job is to convince him to pass over, but her heart doesn’t want to let him go

My Review: As many of you know, C.C. Hunter is a top author for me. So when I got the ARC, I dropped everything just read this book, and damn it was AMAZING! Except for the ending, it ended of such a cliff hanger I couldn't stand it, I need the next book like now!

Any way..... So Riley is the new girl right now. Which means she is starting over with no friends, but that also means they don't know who she is. They don't know what her does and that saves her from being the freak...for now anyways....

Riley is special. She helps ghosts, they come to her in need of talking, a favor, or something to help them get what they need in order to move on... They usually are easy cases, but this case may just put her in some serious trouble. A recent ghosts needs her to find something that was left in a park, when Riley finally agrees she stumbles across a man who isn't who he appears to be. Which then leads her into finding out her ghost was actually murdered and getting too close to the killer. 

Her other ghost isn't like the rest. This one seems too real. He's sweet, cute, and she is falling for him. He can't see the other ghosts, he wants to be with Riley, spends time with her and even gets some kisses in. Riley tries to help him, to see if he will move on and at the very end she finds out who he really is and everything changes. 

In between dealing with these ghosts  Riley is pretty normal. She ends up making a good friend, a cute guy is interested in her, and even ends up with a black eye. Yup, just the typically teenage life. 

My Rating:

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