Jan 15, 2018

Weekly Spotlight - An Elemental Short

  “Being an author isn't just about making money or hitting the Amazon Bestsellers list, it's about the positive impact you and your stories make in peoples lives. Even if it's just one person.” 

Goddess of Fire: Burn 
Even water burns if the fire is hot enough . . . 

Kenina, the fire goddess of Osarious, seems to have it all—a pampered life, the power to burn down a city, and a father who reigns over the other gods, but deep inside the flame, Kenina feels trapped. As her arranged marriage to Neveresis, a water god, draws nearer, she has no choice but to flee the immortal world to escape the commitment, even if it means disappearing into a world she despises.

Together with Sarah, her faithful servant, Kenina crashes into the mortal world, ending up in Nevada, where she and Sarah are taken in by Jack, a mortal who shows Kenina there is much more to life than she thinks, including love.

There’s only one problem, Neveresis refuses to let Kenina go, and he will do anything to reclaim his prized possession, even if it means destroying her and the ones she loves.

Goddess of Fire: Smolder
When the fire doesn’t burn, it smolders . . .

Just as Kenina, the fire goddess of Osarious, is trying to adjust to the mortal world, she is hit with something she never expected—mortal emotions. As her best friend, Sarah, returns to her family, Kenina is lovingly guided through these emotions by Jack, who attempts to not only help her understand them, but also, teaches her to control them. But when, Emily, Jack’s ex-girlfriend shows up, the fire inside Kenina begins to smolder, putting Jack and Kenina’s relationship to the ultimate test.

As if dealing with Emily wasn’t bad enough, Kenina’s father shows up in the mortal world with Neveresis, and Emily becomes the least of her worries. If her father finds out about Jack, he will kill him. Now, her only priority is to save Jack’s life.

Goddess of Fire: Ignite
Fire doesn’t just burn, it ignites . . .

It’s been three weeks since Kenina, the fire goddess of Osarious, was forced out of the mortal world and torn away from Jack, the man she truly loves. Locked in her room in the temple, Kenina has no choice but to wed, Neveresis, the water god she despises. But as the ceremony nears, Sarah, her best friend, comes to her rescue. Sarah uses the hidden tunnels underneath the temple to free Kenina, reuniting her with her beloved Jack. Even though Kenina has managed to flee the temple, it doesn’t mean she has escaped Neveresis.

Kenina, along with Jack and Sarah, are now on the run, desperate to locate a lost portal in the depths of the dark forest. As Neveresis closes in on them, they end up trapped in the forest between his army and mythical creatures they never knew existed. Reaching the portal is their only way out, but it may cost them their lives

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