Feb 15, 2018

Blood Moon

Blood Moon 
by Alyxandra Harvey

Book: Drake Chronicles #5
Publisher: Walker 
Pub Date: June 2012 
Genre: Young Adult 
Format: Print 
Source: Borrowed 
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When the vampire tribes convene for the rare Blood Moon ceremonies, Solange Drake is plunged into a battle with her feral nature. The Drake brothers have been raised knowing that they had to protect their younger sister at all cost. But forbidden magic and a mysterious stranger have put them all in terrible danger. 
 Nicholas is going to have to make a difficult choice: between his girlfriend, Lucy, and his little sister, Solange- blood, or love?  The POVs are: Solange, Lucy and Nicholas.  

 My Review: Solange is becoming more unstable with each chapter. The blood change she went through was tough. But slowly, as the book went on her unstable chapters started to take a turn. Finally the Solange we love is finding her way back. Her relationship on the other hand.....well that didn't go as planned.  

However, as the book went on, I started to lose interest again. It looks like this series started strong and then it lost my interest again. This just didn't end up being the series I hoped it would be. 

My Rating:
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