Jun 12, 2018

East in Paradise

East in Paradise
by Tif Marcelo

Book: Journey to the Heart #2
Publisher: Pocket Star
Pub Date: September 2017
Genre: New Adult 
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
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When an entrepreneur and an Army reservist end up in their own reality show fauxmance, they have to decide whether their love exists just for the cameras...or if it’s for real in this warmhearted romance, perfect for foodies and wine lovers!

Bryn Aquino, the former manager of a Filipino restaurant, knows the value of hard work. With a shiny new MBA in tow and an investor, she’s ready to start her own business: a culinary retreat where visitors can relax, cook, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Dubbed Paraiso Retreats, she leases the childhood home of army reservist Mitchell Dunford—who returned from Afghanistan to revive his family’s vineyard—but finds herself in a bind when her investor pulls out of the business.

When the retreat catches an internet live stream producer’s eye through social media channels, Bryn is offered the opportunity of a lifetime—to document her journey in exchange for a hefty paycheck. Excited, Bryn happily agrees to the arrangement...only to find out that she’s going to have to fake an onscreen romance with her indifferent landlord in order to keep her audience interested.

As Mitchell and Bryn put on a show for the cameras, they find their romance isn’t hard to fake. They’ve got more in common under their bluster, banter, and doubts. As their relationship heats up and the cameras keep rolling, the line between show and reality blurs. And when the pressures of family, business, and the audience stack against them, will their romance survive internet stardom? Or was it just for show?

My Review: Bryan is ready for the next chapter in her life. Getting ready to create this wonderful retreat where people can relax and just enjoy life.  Isn’t that where anyone would love to go? Everything seemed perfect and ready to go until her investor pulled out. Now what? Well Bryn may get just what she needs by agreeing to turning this into a show for the cameras.
So Bryn went for it and started this on screen romance with Mitchell. It was all just for show, right? Well it turns out the on-screen romance, isn’t going to be just on screen….turns out they both have something between them. But can they manage it all or will reality and on-screen be too much?
The build up to scenes was fantastic. The characters were likeable and well written. Overall a better read than I anticipated!

My Rating:
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