Mar 11, 2019

The Winter Queen

The Winter Queen
by Sherry D. Ficklin

Book: Stolen Empire #4
Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing
Pub Date: March 11, 2019
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eARC
Source: Author
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Far from the shores of England another Elizabeth was born to rule a nation…

The daughter of Peter the Great, Elizabeth was a princess by birth, and a warrior by blood. Never content to be a pawn in the game of men, Elizabeth was destined to sit upon a throne. But when her father’s sudden death leaves her mother and sister at the mercy of the scheming Privy Council, she will have to abandon her beloved Russia in order to survive.

This is not a fairy tale.
And Elizabeth is not your average princess.
She is a Romanov—one of the women in a line of powerful female rulers who will change the face of Russia forever.

*The Winter Queen is a prequel short story in the Stolen Empireseries and is the first in a set of novels featuring young Elizabeth of Russia.*

My Review: I LOVED THIS! It's a quick read, but packed full of details that will leave you begging for more.

Elizabeth is a Princess, born to lead and do amazing things. Too bad, the council just see's her gender. Elizabeth has seen her brother die, been hurt by a man she loved and yet always remains strong. But when her dad the King falls ill, everything will change. 

Elizabeth with her mother and sister, will go away for a few weeks. To spend time to recoup and come back strong. But when their mother left to care for the King, their lives changed again. They get word that their dad had passed and their mother named regent. However, the council won't let the King's choice of Elizabeth as the ruler....

Their mother sends them to a safe place where they will wed kind men and be safe from the Russian throne. While their mother has no choice but to claim their half nephew as the heir. 

As the girls adjust to their new life and finally can be happy...things will turn again. But this time, there is nothing stopping Elizabeth from going to Russia and claiming what is rightfully hers. 

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