Feb 20, 2013

Roots of Insight

Roots of Insight
by Breeana Puttroff 

Book: Dusk Gate Chronicles #2
Publisher: Musefish Press
Pub Date: Feb 1 2012
Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Second in the Dusk Gate Chronicles, Roots of Insight takes teenager Quinn back through a mysterious gateway from modern life into the world of Eirentheos, where time moves faster but return is always bound to the setting of the sun. Soon she’s trying to work out how to disappear for a weekend without anyone noticing—wouldn’t every teenager long to do that sometime? But Quinn’s disappearances are filled with adventure and danger, and a secret that gradually weaves its way into the tale, waiting for further books to reveal the whole truth.

My Review: Secrets, loyalty, honesty, are big parts in book two. The family relationship with the family is moving forward that keeps the book interesting. Now this story is a bit of a slow read, and some parts seemed repetitive, but nonetheless the book was still a good read. Anyway we take off where the first book left us and relationships and family grow along with emotions that can take over you. There is some connection with these characters that you can just feel everything they do, which makes it another reason its a good book. Will and Quinn have this relationship that I just love and I did love spending most of the time in Eirentheos its a really fun place. There Quinn met Zander, he helped her catch up on everything and asked her to the dance. Soon their relationship grew more serious and they became a couple, while Quinn still tries to keep a friendship with Will. It does get tricky since Zander possessive, and doesn't want to share Quinn with Will, because she doesn't understand their relationship. Quinn can't tell him about Will's world, or the fact that she want's to go back. How do you tell the guy your with that you want to go into another world with another guy, yeah I don't think you do. While she struggles to find her place between those worlds, she gets an invite to Will's older brothers wedding. As you read more into the story thing get more intense, heart felt, emotional, all to the point you don't stop reading until the very end.

My Rating:
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