Aug 25, 2013


by Ashe Barker

Book: The Dark Side Trilogy #1

Publisher: Total E-Bound
Pub Date: Aug 9 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Book One in the The Dark Side series.

Who knows where pain ends and pleasure begins?

The chance of a new life out in the wilds of the Yorkshire moors sounds too good to be true to shy musician Eva Byrne. Stifled and smothered within the cocoon of her brilliant academic career, Eva yearns for something different. Something real and exciting. Something she can feel.

Excitement. Passion. Pleasure. She finds that sexy, enigmatic Nathan Darke can provide all these and more when she moves into his home as violin tutor to his young daughter. But Eva’s sensual encounters with her demanding, domineering new employer quickly evoke her deepest fears, as he introduces her to the trauma of submission and marks her with his particularly dark brand of love.

But will Eva’s natural curiosity and thirst for new experiences be enough to withstand the sting of Nathan Darke’s exquisite touch? Will simple surrender be enough as he challenges her every inhibition, taking her on an erotic journey of self-discovery and liberation?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of dominance and submission, including sex toys, pain play, anal play, nipple clamps, erotic waxing, paddling, restraints and caning. It also involves one scene where miscommunication leads to unintentional loss of consciousness. The book is best read in sequence as part of a serial story, and ends on a cliffhanger that some readers might find upsetting. 

My Review: So I got this book as a request and of course I wanted to read it. I do like books with erotica in it. Though I AM picky about these books. It seems that people just use a lot of the same scenarios, that it gets boring to read. However, this book proved to have some different scenes that were well, quite nice....

So any who, the book will get you hooked. You got Eva who was given a new start when asked to be a violin teacher to a young girl. So her journey to the new city wasn't smooth, and then she literally runs into her new boss. Yup, perfect new start for Eva. Now Eva and Nathan are written very very well. That is good, since some books I find that the characters and just written and thrown into the world.  Here, these characters are sewn into the story just right. Well, back to the book... So after the very first encounter with Nathan, Eva is hooked on him. All her thoughts are about him, and why shouldn't they? Tall, dark, handsome, perfectly fit, and likes to be in control. Now that is one hot guy. Nathan doesn't mind tough, he even has his own thing for Eva. A lovely young woman, with talent. Now what's not to like about that? These two have a good attraction with each other, and the BDSM scenes are so very very fun to read. Contains such intensity, that you want to read until the very last word.

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