Aug 27, 2013

Fear Week

Fear Week
by Andrew McBurnie

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Smashwords
Pub Date: Sept 15 2012
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Adrian Thorby is about to experience a week of embarrassing and comic incidents. But he's scared. It's 1962, the week of the Cuban missile crisis, and the world is threatened by nuclear war. He's a science-fiction fan who fears he will never live to see a futuristic world of high-technology, including space travel and robots, and will never have a girlfriend. He knows he has been born into a shoddy and primitive world.

Adrian lives in Hull, a north-eastern English city still half-flattened by WW2 bombing. He assumes that with his country’s experience of intense bombing during the last war, there will be a swift introduction of emergency preparedness measures. But everyone continues with their lives as normal. Nobody prepares; Adrian begins to think the grownups must all be mad.

He is also secretly in love with a girl from another school, is troubled by sexual thoughts, and through some awkward moments begins to wonder if he really has the brains to participate in a technological future. The seven days of “Fear Week” narrate his exploits, blunders and embarrassments during the nuclear crisis, and his yearnings for the girl of his dreams

My Review: So I got this book from the author and was interested in this book. It interested me mainly because I got a masters in Technology and like having it mixed into books. So Adrian is a typical teenage boy. Head in the clouds, likes sci-fi books, and girls. Right now the world is 1962, when the Cuban Missile Crises was going on and everyone lived with fear of what will happen and if it will happen.  Adrian is in fear of never living to see the future and seeing his Sci-Fi come to life. Though he does live his days like its the best one. The way he talks and interacts with the people and family around, its very inspiring. Even with all this fear going on, he still knows how to have a good attitude. Which is a very good thing to have, many people can't do that when the world is in crisis.  Adrian is a very warm character, in every scene he is just great. Some scenes remind me of another book, with a character just as warm. 

When he thinks about that girl riding her bike, you can feel his emotions behind it. He dreams of having a girlfriend, seeing robots making way into this world, High tech out there making the world great. In his year, he isn't very far off from computers, phones, ipod, all these technologies we use like its nothing. Well Adrian dreams of seeing this. The way his thinks, you can see him making it to the future and becoming some super great tech guy. Maybe he will build things, help others learn how to use the technology, repairing the technology, and so much more. It really is limitless. Just look around from then and now, you can see all the things that have happened with technology, either good or bad. I do love Adrian and the person he is. When you read this book, it'll make you learn things and even appreciate things, you may take for granted or just anything. You will read this book in a sitting.
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