Aug 20, 2015


The Stink
by C.C. Hogan

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Createspace
Pub Date: June 201
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Book Links: Goodreads  Amazon

North London, 1976. The longest, hottest summer on record. The dustmen are on strike, the water is running out and the kids hate their parents. Which bunch of idiots would think it is a good idea to start a band?

Stench, Aroma, Smell, Haze and Fart might not have the sweetest nicknames in town, but these five have just finished their O-Levels and are on a mission to take their fledgling little band and get themselves a half decent gig. Songs are good, playing is getting better, Smell's voice is wicked, so what could possibly go wrong? 

Aside from the National Front, smelly teens, the lead singer falling in love with the drummer and a double murder.

But this is 1976. It is not only a different decade, it is a different planet. 
If you were a teen back then, you will lap up the nostalgia. If you are a teen now, you will wish you had been there.

The Stink. It was what the seventies were all about!

My Review: Heading back to life in the 70s.  Its one of the hottest  summers. Kids can't  stand their parents. Water is running out. A band is about to be made. So yeah its a busy time right now. Oh and did I mention a murder?! 

While thats going on, the group of friends get serious about their band. The names aren't the greatest, but the quality of music is there. Together they plan to work on getting gigs and doing their thing. Maybe they should taken better caution about falling for other members of the band. Its never that easy and if anything goes south you may not have a band anymore. But don't worry, you've a double murder to think about as well!

The things that went down in the 70s and as a different planet. It was something alright. Crazy, fun, exciting, a new decade to think about. Its a perfect read if you want to try something a little different. Fun and interesting all the way through!

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