Jun 22, 2016

Secrets of the Gargoyles

Secrets of the Gargoyles
by Rebecca Chastian

Book: Gargoyle Guardians Chronicles #3
Publisher: Mind Your Muse
Pub Date: June 22, 2016
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eARC
Source: Auhthor
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I place the lives of all gargoyles into your hands with what I am about to tell you…

In her brief career as a gargoyle healer, Mika Stillwater has faced some daunting challenges, but none have stumped her—until now. A strange sickness infects a handful of gargoyles in Terra Haven, rendering them comatose and paralyzed. Worse, the cure she seeks is shrouded in the gargoyles’ mysterious culture and the secret they guard with their lives.

Gaining the gargoyles’ trust is only the first step. To save the sick gargoyles, Mika must embark on a perilous mission into the heart of deadly wild magic to a place no human has ever survived...

The captivating conclusion to the Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles trilogy, Secret of the Gargoyles will charm readers of all ages, especially those who love extraordinary magic and endearing gargoyles.

My Review:
I can't believe this series is over. Such an amazing journey with Mika, and I'm so excited that I was able to read these books. Rebecca has got serious writing skills!

Anywho....Mika has faced a lot of challenges. She has managed to face each challenge and win, though this latest one is actually stumping her. Gargoyles are getting sick, but why? How? Is there a cure? All kinds of questions will be asked and when she find that there is a cure, things are going to turn. Getting the cure will not be easy. Heck, many haven't survived this journey. But Mika is amazing. She will do anything she can to help these Gargoyles survive. 

Once she has gained their trust and head on this journey, I had no idea where it would go. But the magic really came to life in this last book. You will be in a trance, enjoy every second of it, and root for Mika as she fights to get this cure and make the Gargoyles better again. Then lay back and wonder what the next challenge will be! 

Overall, an amazing read. Full of magic that will entice any reader. 

My Rating:

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