Aug 31, 2017

Shadow of the Drill Guest Post by Author Rhani D'Chae

 My name is Rhani D'Chae, and I live in Tacoma, Washington. I am visually disabled, having lost the majority of my sight to the vision loss trifecta: retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Because of this, I see the world through Coke-bottle trifocals and a variety of magnification aids.  The really bad thing is that I'm no longer able to read as much as I used to, and I miss it a great deal. So many great books out there these days!

Shadow of the Drill is the first book in a series about an unrepentant enforcer and the violent life that he reads. I would like to say that it all came to me in one glorious moment of absolute brilliance, but that wasn't quite how it happened.   
Many years ago, I was working on story and I needed a character's name. I wanted a masculine, one-word name that brought to mind a specific image, similar to what happens when people hear the name "Rambo." I couldn't think of the right name, so I called my friend and asked for input.

She gave me a few names that were not what I was looking for. Finally, she shouted "Black and Decker," and hung up on me. Obviously, I couldn't call my character that, but "Decker" had potential.

I never finished that story, but the name stayed with me. I spent some time thinking about how to use it, and piece by piece it started coming together.
Black & Decker makes power tools, including the electric drill. A man who will power into an adversary with unstoppable force might be nicknamed the Drill – especially if his name is Decker.

And so the character was born. A ruthless enforcer who has raised torture to an art form, Decker makes his own rules. I enjoy writing him, mainly because I'm never really sure where his path will lead.

The plot for Shadow came from a newspaper article about a young woman who had been raped in downtown Tacoma. It was a small article in the local section, nowhere near the front page, but it was enough to get Decker his first mission.

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